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OMC! Thank you! Partly inspired by Miracles and Mischief! So very cool, but I’m not telling you what the baby’s sex is. ;-) 


@ohmycarlisle look what i just found…


What If… | AU | Carlisle and Esme’s biological daughter

this was partly inspired by this fanfic “Miracles & Mischief” WHICH IS AMAZING YOU SHOULD READ IT (LOL I‘m secretly hoping it’ll be a girl)

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Promote It—Twilight FF—A Forbidden Love by @twiloversue. Rec by @ChloeCougar

Set in England in the early 1800s, rated M for lemons, rather angsty but with a good dollop of fun and romance along the way.

Fleeing her father’s attacker, Bella masquerades as a servant while she awaits Lord Carlisle’s return, only to have Lord Edward decide to protect the new maid by making her his mistress. With her reputation ruined, all appears lost…or is it?

Go read A Forbidden Love. It’s an amazing story (which, it just so happens, I’m beta’ing :blush: ).

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Promote It—Twilight FF—Undercover in Miami by Jojo45

When her best friend succumbs to drugs, Bella vows to commit her life to getting the drug lords off the streets and behind bars. She’s a successful FBI agent, doing what she loves to do when her latest undercover assignment leads her to Miami, introducing her to a handsome, wealthy young man. Little does she know this man is the one she’s hired to bring down!

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Illicitus Amare

The love that lasts the longest is the love that can never be. An unexpected attraction leads to a forbidden relationship. If discovered, both could face dire consequences, ones that society proscribes. E/B/AH/OOC Review Disclaimer

Twilight - Rated: M - English - Angst/Romance - Chapters: 15 - Words: 73,380 - Reviews: 655 - Updated: 9-27-11 - Published: 11-12-10 - Edward & Bella


Illicitus Amare casts a humanistic light on the nature of adult siblings and consensual incest, a topic that undoubtedly points to a conundrum of issues and moral arguments. This story will not follow any themes related to erotica, smut, graphic sexual language, abuse, trauma or exploitation of a sensitive subject. A pinch of humor and potty mouths will likely occur. No procreation—the reasons why are covered in later chapters. No revelations of adoption will be a part of this plot. This is an educational and thought-provoking story. I will include social and psychological reasoning, religious themes, social mores, scientific experiments, and more…

The legal standpoint of a federal crime includes the threat of harm, generally involving a perception of injury. Harm is physical or mental damage, an act or instance of injury, or a material and tangible detriment or loss to a person.

With that said, what is the logical argument against adult consensual incest? Who does it mentally, emotionally or physically harm to be considered a federal sex crime? How does the above definition correlate with an act that is: consenting, above legal age, privately consummated, and acceptable to those who are sharing in the mutual relationship? A humanistic approach might open the door for a more knowledgeable perspective.

There are proven theories as to why we feel the disgust factor towards incest. I will address these in later chapters. If you are not sure about pursuing this subject then please take a look at my profile first. I have much to say on the topic that may enlighten you. SM owns Twilight & characters.

Illicitus Amare was rec’d at Twi-Muses under Dark Fic Tuesdays by the awesome Lady Tazz.

I would like to sincerely thank all of the wonderful people involved with Illicitus Amare, who have taken the time to mentor, critique and edit chapters: BellaFlan, Perry Maxwell, MarchHare5, Maenad1 and my wonderful, awesome pre-reader, Scarletnite.

Philosophically, incest asks a fundamental question of our shifting mores- not simply what is normal and what is deviant, but whether such a thing as deviance exists at all in human relationships if they seem satisfactory to those who share them. ~Elizabeth Janeway Author/Critic Born 1913

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Edward finally meets the love of his existence but can’t resist her singer’s blood. Can their fairytale love survive a horror beginning or will Bella’s newborn grief, an outraged wolf pack, and the offended Volturi deny them their happily ever after?

A canon AU, in which Edward loses his battle with his bloodlust the first day he meets Bella. The characters in this story are so good, Bella is strong and wonderful. Everything about this Edward and Bella will make you want to cheer for them, and the story sucks you in and doesn’t let go. You won’t regret trying this one.

Again, I have to promote Once Bitten. It’s a fantastic story! After all, I’ve been involved as a beta from the get-go!

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Promote It—Twilight FF—The Walkers by @annamorphos

After a shocking discovery, Bella is forced out of her rainy, northwestern home and takes up residence in sunny Jacksonville, Florida. While she expects her life with vampires is over, she is unknowingly moving deeper into supernatural waters.

"There’s always a bigger fish."

You can find it on Twilighted or On

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