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A volunteer group of knowledgeable beta proofreaders who provide technical and creative feedback to authors of Harry Potter, Hunger Games, and Twilight fan fiction, and Original Fiction.

Twilight #FFupdate— by @woodlily1

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Smut University 2014—Keeping It Real by @MrsSpaceCowboy

[heading]Keeping It Real[/heading]

by MrsSpaceCowboy

I love lemons and love scenes. However, I have a serious love/hate relationship with writing sex. Every now and then, I write it for fun or as a personal challenge to stretch my limits. But most of the time, I consider it a valuable tool to help show the progression of a couple’s relationship.

That’s right. I use sex as a tool. No pun intended.

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Smut University 2014 – Historical Romance by @ESallier

[heading]Writing Love Scenes in a Historical Romance[/heading]

Elise de Sallier

For those of you who don’t know me, I started writing fan fiction four years ago as Twiloversue. My first ever story was a canon Twilight tale, which I followed with a Twilight/Regency/Romance. I still chuckle whenever I see that combination. It felt a bit presumptuous, as I’m not an historian and I’ve never even been…

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Twilight #FFupdate— by @NMervar

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Smut University 2014 – The Sweeter Side of Lemonade by CullensTwiMistress (@smalltownchicka)

by CullensTwiMistress

Anyone familiar with my body of work (ha!) knows I write sticky, sweet stories that make you feel all the feels while your teeth rot from all the sweet, sweet … sweetness. Seriously, I have put people in a diabetic coma before. True story.

Anywho …

There’s a specific recipe for this type of lemonade. Not gonna lie, sharing it with you is going to hurt. A lot.

Here it goes …

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The End of All Smut Contest

To celebrate the end of of this year’s Smut University, we will be holding a smut-filled contest. That’s right. It’s time to show us your new and improved smut-writing skills!


[tab title=”Dates”]

Submissions Start: September 1, 2014
Submissions Ends: September 30, 2014

Voting Begins: October 1, 2014
Voting Ends: October 17, 2014

Winners Announced: October 19, 2014

* Note: Dates could…

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Smut University 2014 – UST and the Art of a Slow Burn by Hoodfabulous

[heading]UST and the Art of a Slow Burn[/heading]
by Hoodfabulous

Two years ago I bit the bullet and decided to do something I hadn’t done since I was thirteen-years-old.

I decided to write a story.

I’d been reading fanfiction for about three years before I started writing my first fanfic. Introduced by my best friend and coworker, I quickly fell into a fanfiction addiction. Admittedly, my…

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Smut University 2014 – Like A Virgin by @chocaholic12345

[heading]Like A Virgin[/heading]
by Chocaholic123

Losing your virginity. It’s a universal experience. It’s something we all have… until we don’t. And because it is universal, innocence has always played a huge role in society and relationships. From ancient times where virginity was seen as a prize in an arranged marriage, to current tropes where virgins are enslaved and sold to the highest…

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Twilight #FFupdate— by XxMemento MorixX

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[heading]The Right Amount of Spice[/heading]

by kitchmill

Have you ever gone to a restaurant extremely excited for the meal you ordered, only to be disappointed when it’s too bland? How about when it’s too spicy? Contrast that with the intense satisfaction of having a meal that tastes just right. When cooking, there’s a delicate balance between too much and not enough spice.

That’s not to say…

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